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Apple to partner with Shazam for song recognition in iOS 8

April 21st, 2014

According to people familiar with Apple’s plans, the next-generation iOS 8 will feature song identification capabilities that gather sound from an iPhone or iPad’s microphone, sends it up to the cloud for processing and returns results to users, reports Bloomberg.

The company is said to be working in partnership with Shazam, which has for years marketed its own song identification app and technology in the App Store. Shazam’s system works in much the same way as solution described by sources, suggesting Apple may simply pull data into a first-party app as it does with Weather and Stocks.

Specifically, sources say Siri might get song ID support with users asking the virtual assistant, “What song is playing?” From there, iOS can use the data in any number of ways, including opening Apple’s own iTunes Radio or the Music app. Click here to read more.

Source: Apple Insider

Tip: How to use see time stamps on your iPhone texts

April 20th, 2014

Can’t see when your iMessages were sent? Is it driving your crazy?

Turns out there’s a stupidly easy way to view time stamps of your messages in iOS 7 …. just touch and drag message bubbles to the left. Check out the video below.

Happy Easter

April 20th, 2014

Mobile companies embrace the fight against smartphone theft

April 19th, 2014

Some of the biggest companies in the mobile industry have signed a pledge to include new anti-theft technology in phones starting July 2015.

Three days ago, The Wireless Association (CTIA) announced the signing of the “Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment” on Tuesday. Signatories to the Commitment include Verizon Wireless, and smartphone software and hardware manufacturers such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, and Motorola.

The signees agree that new models of smartphones, manufactured after July 2015 and sold in the U.S. will have a pre-loaded or downloadable anti-theft tool.

The tool will enable the user to remotely wipe data from the phone and render it inoperable in case the phone is stolen or lost. Furthermore, the tool will prevent reactivation without user’s permission (including factory reset attempts), but it will allow the authorized user to reverse the inoperability and restore data in case the phone is recovered. Click here to read more.

Source: Mashable

Weekend forecast: cool, with a chance of rock

April 18th, 2014

Weekend forecast: cool, with a chance of rock. All #Marley products are 50% now thru 4/30! #headphones #livemarley @houseofmarley #mybullfrog #verizon #cool #tgif

Let your smartphone manage your payment methods

April 18th, 2014

Isis Mobile Wallet is a safer, simpler, and smarter way to pay. It holds virtual versions of many things your existing wallet does, including your credit cards from participating providers. Just tap your phone to pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

Offers, deals and promotions from participating merchants are also stored in the Wallet, so you always have them with you, organized and ready to use. You can also add your loyalty cards from participating merchants.

Through May 15th, you can get $15 back after one purchase of $25 or more using ServeCard. Stop by your nearest Mybullfrog store (click here for store locations) and speak to a Sales Agent about getting you set up with the Isis Mobile Wallet.

Save your recipes from anywhere in RecipeTin

April 17th, 2014

There are a lot of recipe apps available nowadays, but they only offer one or two ways to load recipes into the app, or sourcing recipes is limited to one recipe site. What is needed is an app which allows saving of recipes from any source at all – and now it’s here.

RecipeTin is a mobile recipe storage application for iOS that allows foodies and families to capture recipes from any online or printed source, without having to enter them manually. Consumers can add recipes from printed materials, websites, emails, other mobile apps, or wherever they find them – whether they are printed recipes, on the web or soft copy.

Some of RecipeTin’s features include:
● Built-in browser to save recipes from any website
● Take photos of printed recipes, then file them in the app (four per recipe)
● Import email attachments and documents from other apps
● Transfer existing recipes in bulk from your computer using iTunes File Sharing Word, Pages, PDF and text files can all be imported into the Recipe Tin App
● Create your own recipes – type or copy text from websites, emails, docs or other apps
● Create recipe notes
● Create and organize recipes into your own categories – Cuisines, Dish Types, Main Ingredients and Source
● Create recipe collections – great for creating menus or organizing seasonal recipes
● Browse recipes by category, Recently Added, Favorites and Flagged recipes
● Powerful recipe search using keywords and filters
● Share recipes by email and export to other apps
● Cloud syncing between any of your devices using iCloud or Dropbox
● Handy scale converter tool included

RecipeTin is the creation of a privately held family company with a strong entrepreneurial team of cooking enthusiasts. The RecipeTin teams’ vision is to create a platform across all major mobile devices integrated with a social recipe network that will allow users to save and share recipes from anywhere, bringing together professional and aspiring chefs, cooking fanatics and everyday people. The launch of the iOS app is the first of a series. The Mac version is targeted to be launched in a couple of months, followed shortly thereafter by the Windows version, then Android and other mobile platforms. Click here to find out more.

Put your finger on the pulse of your pulse

April 16th, 2014

Exercise fans who want to log their heart-rate when working out now have a new tool in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Using it is as simple as selecting the heart-rate monitor icon from within Samsung’s newly-updated S Health 3.0 app, which comes pre-loaded in the Galaxy S5. Then place your index finger on the center of the flash module, just to the right of the flash. For best results, try not to move or talk while it records your heart rate.

A few seconds later, you’re given a relatively accurate assessment of your heartbeats per minute. Your results don’t mean a lot on their own, but when you track your heart rate over time, you can watch your progress as your blood pressure rises and drops.

S Health is a big push for Samsung this year, the company’s attempt to join the current fitness craze, and it’s solid. Like most programs, it can track your steps and your calories burned (using those steps), and it can track the calories you take in as well, giving you an at-a-glance snapshot of how many calories you’ve eaten in a day.

S Health works well, and it works nicely in tandem with Samsung’s new Gear Fit smartwatch. The Fit smartwatch does a nice job of tracking steps and heart rate, and S Health easily maintains a history of both those things. Like all fitness apps, the program is best in the hands of a knowledgeable user, and there are definitely some tools that fitness fans will embrace.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available now at all Mybullfrog stores (click here for store locations). Drop by your nearest store and check it out for yourself, and start putting your finger on the pulse of your pulse.

Pro tips to make travel more efficient

April 15th, 2014

We know – Spring has just started, but that means that Summer isn’t too far away! For parents, that means summer break is approximately 8 weeks away and many will be planning some form of travel around that time.

Whether you’re planning a summer trip with the family, or if you travel for business, there are certain things you can do to make traveling easier and there are apps that can help. Using destination-specific apps can help with public transport or turn-by-turn instructions if you’re in a place you have never visited before. VIP airport services can save you hassles when checking in for your flights. Apps can also help you find places to eat that the locals prefer, check the price of airfares across multiple sites, pack for your trip efficiently, or even learn a foreign language.

To help you plan your travel like a pro, Dani Fankhauser at Mashable went through each of these “pro tips” and have great app suggestions to help make your travel easier and less stressful. Click here to read more.

Source: Mashable

More savings for Verizon Wireless customers from April 17

April 14th, 2014

No contract. No problem. Verizon Wireless is giving customers the ability to add a smartphone that is not currently under contract to a MORE Everything plan, beginning April 17.

MORE Everything plans include unlimited talk and text, unlimited international messaging, 25 GB of cloud storage per line, and three months free of the International Long Distance Value Plan and FamilyBase service.

Phones moved to More Everything plans with less than 8 GB of data will save $10 per month, while those moved to More Everything plans with 10 GB (and up) will save $25 per month. Further, you can add a compatible phone you already own to More Everything plans for either $15 or $30 per month, depending on options. Click here to read more.

Talk with the team at your local Mybullfrog store, or call us on 1-855-743-1154, to make the change and to ensure you are on the right MORE Everything plan for their mobile lifestyle.

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